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About Us

"Tall Static has a fine take on contemporary blues.
Their original music is strong, and the interplay between guitar
and keyboard showcases their abilities to deliver the goods onstage."

                                    — Portland blues harmonica virtuoso LynnAnn Hyde

"Tall Static – Portland's most dangerous band!"
                                                      — Portland bass master Gary Fountaine

    What is Tall Static? Well, let's start with what it's not. Tall Static is not just another blues band. Tall Static is not just a cover band. Tall Static is not content with the status quo.

    Tall Static is a four-piece force of nature playing blues, R&B and funk with energy, dynamics and heart. Like it means something to us — because it does.

    Our songs are carefully chosen — some of them covers, some originals — to show off the best of what this well-oiled machine can deliver. Come on out and enjoy us. Many have, and we hope many more will.

    To contact us for bookings, to get on our mailing list, to get a copy of our CD or for other info, please call 503-244-2644 or send us e-mail.


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